Reception Staff

The staff behind the reception desk will assist you in making emergency and routine appointments to see your doctor, undertake repeat prescriptions, answer your queries and offer help and assistance at all times. It is a legal requirement that confidentiality of patients' records is maintained at the highest level by all staff. Reception staff have a difficult job, with phone calls and enquiries coming from all directions. When telephoning for medical attention, the receptionist may ask for a few details. All reception staff have been fully trained and make these enquiries to help you in the most appropriate way.

Please rest assured that the information given to the receptionist will be dealt with in full confidence.

Luis Luis Logistics Manager Beverly Beverly Receptionist Martell Martell Receptionist Huma Huma Receptionist Marryam Marryam Receptionist Tamika Tamika Receptionist Marguerite Marguerite Receptionist Sophia Sophia Reception Manager Ajara Ajara Prescription Clerk Andrea Andrea Administrator Mary Mary Administrator Jennie Jennie Administrator Carole Carole Medical Secretary Adele Adele Medical Records Clerk Mark Mark Scanning Clerk Samantha Samantha Receptionist